Facchini Group - forming machines, food processing

The Facchini Group company deals with the project and construction of complete lines for fresh pasta production and treatment.

The feature that marked the company through the years is the flexibility that Facchini gave to its customers in selecting many different and customized products with desired size of products, thanks to the many types of moulds manufactured.

The range of machines includes mixers, presses, cutters, calibrators, single/double sheeter machines and forming machines.

Lines are completed with thermal treatment: pasteurizing and cooling tunnels, cookers, dryers and spiral conveyor for pasteurizing, cooling and freezing.


  • New line by Facchini Group starting production at Raviolificio "Lo Scoiattolo" - Monday November 30 2015

    Facchini Group manufactures and installs at Raviolificio "Lo Scoiattolo" the third line for the production of tagliatelle in bag and tray, the same line also produces sheet for lasagna also packed in the tray.

  • New RDS 540, with Lobe Pump and Lifter/Loader - Wednesday February 11 2015

    Facchini Group is pleased to introduce its solution for the production of double sheet ravioli, based on its own Double Sheet Forming Machine, model RDS 540.

  • New headquarters in the province of Milan - Friday October 3 2014

    Facchini Group has completed its new headquarters in Paderno Dugnano in the province of Milan.

  • Facchini Group presents the Noodles/Lasagna Line - Thursday May 22 2014

    Facchini Group is pleased to introduce its own line for the deposition of noodles (or lasagna) in trays (or bags).

  • Facchini Group at the 3rd APPF European Conference - Wednesday April 2 2014

    We are honored to inform our customers about the participation of Facchini Group to the third edition of the prestigious and exclusive "European Conference on fresh pasta, gnocchi and ready meals", organized by APPF (Fresh Pasta Producers Association) with the collaboration of the magazine Pastaria, which will take place in Venice on May 30, 2014.


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