Facchini Group presents the Noodles/Lasagna Line

Thursday May 22 2014

Facchini Group is pleased to introduce its own line for the deposition of noodles (or lasagna) in trays (or bags).

The system is generally composed of a Mixer, located at the beginning of the line, which provides the continuous production of dough.

Depending on the type of pasta to be produced, the dough is conveyed alternately to a Press or a Sheeter. This one can be a normal Sheeter or a exclusive Double Color Automatic Sheeter, patented by Facchini Group.

The sheet produced by the Press or by the Sheeter is then introduced into a lamination group consisting of two units, which allows to obtain the desired thickness.

Through the use of an elevator belt, the dough is lifted up to allow its insertion into the Pasteurizer. The passage of the sheet in the Pasteurizer allows to eliminate the bacterial load of the product.

The sheet continues on its path through the Pre-dryer and the Cooler (in this case, assembled in one unit) where it is dried and cooled.

The machine that follows the Pre-dryer and the Cooler on the line is the system of accumulation of sheet: this unit allows to temporarily collect the sheet (thus not interrupting its production), while the subsequent machines on the line are unable to receive it: in this particular case, the collection of sheet is carried out while the film roller used by the machine for the packaging of the trays is being changed.

A second elevator belt raises the sheet coming from the accumulation system to the machine for the cutting of the sheet in bags or trays.

The sheet can be cut to produce noodles or lasagna, and the product may be packaged inside bags or trays.

The upper part of the machine hosts the system for cutting in bags, while the lower part is dedicated to the cutting in trays.

The noodles can be placed in the tray through different modes:

  • single layer;
  • "C";
  • "S".

The machine for the packaging of the trays is not provided by Facchini Group.

The width of the sheet for this type of plant is 1000 mm.

The production amounts to 1000 Kg./h for the deposition in bags and to 550 Kg./h for the deposition in the trays.