New RDS 540, with Lobe Pump and Lifter/Loader

Wednesday February 11 2015

Facchini Group is pleased to introduce its solution for the production of double sheet ravioli, based on its own Double Sheet Forming Machine, model RDS 540.

A particular procedure for quick coupling allows to quick replace the packets used by RDS 540, thereby allowing for the production of double sheet ravioli of different sizes and formats with simplicity and rapidity.

All parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel, so as to ensure maximum hygiene and inalterability of the raw materials used, as well as compliance with the CE standards in force.

The removable guards and the openable doors permit rapid and complete sanitization of the machine.

As part of this solution, the RDS 540 is accompanied by the Lobe Pump model PPR 200, and the Lifter/Loader for 200 Lt. carts, model ELV.

The Pump allow the feeding of the stuffing incoming in the RDS 540.

It is suitable for the feeding of various type of stuffing, from the very soft to the medium soft ones. It utilize lobes with conjugated profile, therefore it is possible to use stuffing containing pieces having dimensions above average.

Due to its large capacity, the hopper can accommodate a large amount of stuffing: a coil equipped with a wall-scraper vane imparts to the aforementioned stuffing a spiral movement that compresses it in the product transfer tube.

As a result of this process, the stuffing is more compact, and its natural characteristics are not altered.

Like the RDS 540, the Pump is constructed of stainless steel and in compliance with the CE standards in force. It is also fully disassemblable, thus washable and sanitizable in all its parts after each utilization.

The stuffing is loaded into the hopper through the Lifter/Loader for 200 Lt. carts, model ELV. This machine allows to make semi-automatic the feeding operation of the hopper of the Pump.

The utilization of the Lifter/Loader consists in the cart - built in stainless steel and filled with the stuffing still to be processed - to be positioned in the load area, while the safety devices prevent the activation of the machine.

Once the cart is positioned and the guards closed, it is possible to activate the lifting of the cart, which takes places in the shelter of fixed guards.

Reached the predetermined height, the cart is tipped forward, with its opening facing that of the hopper: in this way the content is transferred from the cart to the Pump.

The solution comprising the three machines is ideal for customers who need a fast and efficient production, that must be also flexible.