SFDC-500-1000 - Double Color Automatic Sheeter

The SFDC, machine for the production of pasta in continuous two-color, capable of producing a pasta with colorful stripes that can vary in width from 8 to 100 mm, depending on the needs of customer. Apt to feed in continuous machines for the production of smooth pasta, noodles in addition to molding machines with single or double sheet in. Alternatively, it can be used in the production of rolling pins of pasta.

Designed in every detail to produce a soft and compact sheet without causing any type of stress and temperature changes without damaging the same sheet. Entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 with sanitary hygienic design to ensure a perfect cleaning.

Able to work with less humidity mixing to 30%, optimal for the production of flat pasta. The interchangeability of the drawplates makes it possible to manufacture pastry of variable width, whereas the independent motorization "Gremole-Finishers" makes it possible to adjust the compaction of the dough produced.

The machine is covered by the MI2012A001181 Patent.

The following video shows the machine running: