RA 540/S - Ravioli/Cappelletti Machine

The RA 540/S RAVIOLI/CAPPELLETTI MACHINE has an electronic management.

Our ravioli/cappelletti machine is apt for the industrial production of ravioli, cappelletti or special formats, like saccottino, big tortellone etc. in different formats, dimensions and pasta thickness (also "veil sheet"), thanks to the easy interchangeability of dies.

After years of experience, we have realized a machine with innovative technical solutions through the electronic management in which the user can perform all different controls and memorizations by the easily accessible operator panel. The panel, equipped with a liquid crystal display and a an advanced software program, makes possible to easily manage the presence of pasta, stuffing charging, the position to change the die, bars and distributor packet positions, loop control, engines speed according to the desired production and all regulations and memorizations of the machine.

Completely made of stainless steel in all its parts in contact with the product, the RA 540/S is easy to disassemble in all its parts, and therefore completely cleanable: the protections that can be disassembled and opening doors can in fact permit a perfect healthiness and hygiene after every use.

If required, the customer can also be provided with the mechanical version RA 540/M, without PLC and with traditional buttons.