SF-250-1000 - Frontal Automatic Sheeter

The SF, made of stainless steel, makes an optimal fresh pasta suitable for every use.

Thanks to its technical features obtained with our studies and experience, it does not cause a sudden and excessive heat variation on the mixture that comes from a continuous kneading machine or a folding mixer: This enables to avoid alterations on the product during the working, both at organic and at aesthetic level, because the final product results smooth, compact and elastic, ready for any further working phase.

The SF can continuously feed cappelletti machines, automatic cutters or any machine that works with a single sheet of pasta. On the other hand, through the production of pasta rolls, it feeds a double sheet ravioli machine.

In the range of our sheeters there is also the SF-TAG series, employed to work sheet with a lesser humidity than 30%, particularly fit for products like lasagna and tagliatelle, etc.