Spiral Drum


Designed to treat any delicate product, the spiral conveyor is a continuous in-line-belt designed to assure gentle handling during the process. It is completely factory assembled and tested to minimize site installation time.

Products are fed from the production line directly onto the spiral loading belt. The belt spirals up along the rotating drum until it reaches the top where the treated product is gently discharged from the spiral discharge port. Due to the large belt surface available, products can be treated in single layers avoiding sticking to each other.

Spiral conveyors are equipped with all Acetal heavy duty spiral telescopic belting. The belt can be telescoped and extended to change the pitch of the links. During operations the extended belt approaches the rotating drum with one side of the belt telescoped in, causing it to spiral up the rotating drum.

The belt is supported by all STAINLESS STEEL rails. The spiral frames and the drum are also all stainless steel.

The spiral belt system is equipped with automatic belt tensioner to ensure smooth belt operations in various temperature ranges.

The drive system is located at the bottom of the spiral conveyor, and is variable frequency directly driven by a gear motor. The proper belt take up tension is driven by second gear motor directly linked with the drum motor designed to operate at an overdrive speed ratio. When varying the drive motor, both belt and drum speeds change proportionally to compensate for the overdrive speed ratio.

For protection against over-sized products, a limit switch is provided at the infeed of the spiral conveyor. Safety deviced are located on every tier to protect the spiral conveyor against over-tension of the belt.

The control panel is all stainless steel constructed and mounted on the outside wall of the enclosure.

The spiral conveyor includes the washing and drying device that allows to keep clean the conveyor after every use.