TA 540-S - Tortellini Machine

The TA 540/S TORTELLINI MACHINE, apt to make classic tortellini.

Made of stainless steel in every part that come in contact with product, suites of double calibrator with loop control and cutting-scrapes unit, electronically managed through PLC.

Innovative technical solutions, high quality materials employed, electronic management and the use of an advanced software, permit to easily manage the production process. Especially the presence of pasta, the adjustment of the advancing of pasta, the feeding of filling, the changing of the bars and of the distributor packer, the control of the pasta loop, the speed of motors according to the desired production and all different regulations and memorization of the machine.

From the operator panel, easy to consult, equipped with TOUCH-SCREEN, the user can easily perform all different controls, memorize, synchronize production speed, pose the desired program or use personalized recipes already inserted in the software.

Completely made in stainless steel in all its parts in contact with the product, the TA 540/S is easy to disassemble in every part, so completely cleanable: carters and opening doors consents the maximal healthiness and hygiene after every use.